Health & Wellness

Bringing Everyday Health and Wellness to Consumers around the World
Today, Consumer Health has a significant global footprint operating in more than 100 countries around the world with a clear and consistent strategy for expanding on our global success.

The rapid pace of change in global health care markets is characterized by an increasing trend toward consumer-centered health care. People worldwide are looking for better access to knowledge and greater influence over their care. This has significant implications for consumer health businesses as hundreds of millions of people worldwide turn to over-the-counter medications as first-line solutions for everyday health and wellness.

Our global growth strategy is concentrated in three core areas—focused portfolio execution, investment in complementary businesses and brands, and global leverage. This approach makes full use of our global assets, category expertise and strength of our talent base to seize opportunities in accelerated-growth markets such as Eastern Europe, China and Brazil while deepening our established position in regions such as North America, Western Europe and Latin America. It means developing products and strategies that align with local cultures while also building on the equity of our many well-established global brands to grow our business responsibly for the long-term.