Consumer Health Brands

Strong Enduring Brands

Our impressive brand portfolio along with individual brand strategies and operational excellence have made us a top competitor in virtually every category in which we compete—including Allergy, Analgesics, Cardiovascular Risk Prevention, Cough & Cold, Dermatology (including Sun Care), Foot Care, Gastrointestinals and  Nutritionals. This leadership ranges from leading global brands – including Aleve™, Aspirin™, Bepanthen™, Berocca™, Canesten™, Claritin™, Coppertone™, Dr. Scholl’s™, Elevit™, Iberogast®, Redoxon™, Rennie™ and Supradyn™ − to trusted local favorites such as Diprobase™,Mexana™, Theraflex™ and White & Black™. Today, our product portfolio is a reflection of our focus on balancing innovation and growth with consistency for maximum performance.

Our globally well-known brands are:

Analgesics, Cardio, Cough & Cold, Foot Care
Afrin™, Aleve™/Flanax™, Alka-Seltzer™, Aspirin, Dr. Scholl’s™


Advantan™, Bepanthen™, Canesten™, Coppertone™, Priorin™, Skinoren

Iberogast™, MiraLAX™, Rennie™

Berocca™, Elevit™, One-A-Day™, Redoxon™, Supradyn™

Product Milestones:

1899 Aspirin™ introduced as an OTC medicine
1906 Dr. Scholl’s™ brand launch
1930 Rennie™ introduced to the market
1931 Alka-Seltzer™ launch
1934 Redoxon™ introduced as an OTC medicine
1940 One A Day™ vitamins launch
1944 Bepanthen™ range of dermatological products launched
1944 Coppertone™ Suntan Cream created – the first U.S. consumer suncare product
1959 Supradyn™ introduced as an OTC medicine
1964 Coricidin™ HBP launched in OTC marketplace
1969 Berocca™ brought to market
1972 Tinactin™ launched as OTC brand
1973 Afrin™ launched in OTC marketplace
1976 Drixoral™ launched as OTC brand
1977 Canesten™ switched from an Rx to an OTC anti-mycotic
1984 Elevit™ launch
1989 Lotrimin™ launched in OTC marketplace
2001 LotriminUltra™ launched as OTC brand
2002 Claritin™ launched in OTC marketplace
2006 MiraLAX™ launched in OTC marketplace
2007 Aleve™ Liquid Gels launch
2007 Citracal™ acquired into Bayer Consumer Health portfolio
2008 White & Black™ introduced in China under Bayer name through acquisition of Topsun
2010 Zegerid OTC™ launched in consumer marketplace
2013 Oxytrol™ for Women launched in OTC marketplace
2013 Iberogast® and Laif® acquired into Bayer Consumer Health portfolio through the acquisition of Steigerwald
2014 Merck Consumer Care’s business and OTC portfolio acquired
2014 Kang Wang®, Pi Kang Wang ® and Dan E Fu Kang® became part of Bayer Consumer Health portfolio through acquisition of Dihon Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.